Care for a child’s heart

Talking with my friend this weekend, she was talking about how angry her 4 yr old gets and the name calling he uses in the midst of his anger.  She talked about how she washes his mouth out with soap.

I asked her, “How do you validate his anger?”

She looked at me with a question mark.

“Like do you say, ‘You sound angry.  You have a reason to be angry but calling people names is not right.'”

This was a new thought…sometimes one new thought integrated into relationship can create a new avenue of grace in our lives.

Last week in the midst of my son’s anger he teased his sister: in the midst of my anger at him I hurt.  After talking a few different times as a family about it, we went to bed.  I woke up with it on my mind.

After realizing that God’s grace is there for me I went downstairs to my quiet time chair with my bible and books and paper and pens…I was convicted about how far I had come from who I really wanted to be.

After breakfast before we went our separate ways for the day I said, “I have something to say.”  In the presence of my family I knelt down and tearfully asked my son to forgive me.  An embrace was a sign of his grace.

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I have a dream…

of having a place to write thoughts…and quotes…and stories…

…with a desire to care…to nurture…and to inspire…

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